Natural Harvest Tubes "Blue"

Natural Harvest Tubes "Blue"

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Light 200 Count per Box. White Filter

A good quality tube starts with the commitment to make the world’s best tubes. This requires the purchase of the best tube components. Our tubes are a combination of the best tube paper, the best filters, and the best tipping paper.

The manufacturing machines are the same as those used by other tube manufacturers, but our factory is a family operation that is committed to making the best tubes possible. While the tubes are made in a machine, the packing of the tubes is done by hand and each box of tubes is individually inspected.

The factory that makes our tubes also makes Zen, Vera Cruz, Beretta, and similar quality tubes.

While the heart of a good cigarette is the quality of the tobacco, the backbone of the cigarette is the tube. The enjoyment of smoking is enhanced when you use our tubes.
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